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There are many, many websites out there that you can look to for professional wrestling information. Wikipedia,Internet Wrestling Database, Obsessed with Wrestling...But Ive noticed one thing about all those sites, they all seem to lack in completeness. What do I mean? Well on Wikipedia you can find pretty much anything you need to know about any well known wrestler. See what I said there? Well known wrestler. But what if you wanted to learn about a wrestler that isnt on television? You probably wont find much on there. Then theres Internet Wrestling Database. This is a truly amazing website, but...its really only good for basic facts and figures, you wont really get to know the wrestler your researching...and Obsessed with Wrestling....tries....but I find its only a viable resource for older information. So Im taking things into my own hands. I hope to make this wiki THE definitive source of pro wrestler info.

Latest activityEdit

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